Hello world!

I receive lots of messages asking how I travel that much, what is my job and if I’m living just by doing Instagram posts, etc.

So I think the best way to start my blog, is talking a little bit about myself as an introduction!

I am Stefi Troguet known as “Stefi”.  I’m from Andorra, in the middle of the Pyrenees and I’m 26 years/old.

I’ve been living and studying in Andorra since I was born. I was lucky enough to be around the mountains, and I’ve always been involved on summer camps, hiking and a bit of mountaineering.

My father was ski instructor and a great skier, so I’ve been on skis all my life. I have been training and racing during most of my teenage. But I never really focused on that.

I went to the university in Barcelona for further studies and that’s when I realized how much I was missing being back home on the mountains, skiing, ski mountaineering, hiking, etc. I then decided to leave the uni, and go back home; where I started working and developing my skills as a ski instructor. I completed all the skiing instructing courses, including Telemark 1st level and I was also working in a Ski Club.

I also started a Business Management “BTS” or “BAC+2” at the French Lycee; two years later, I had my Business Management BTS, all the skiing degrees and I was working at my Family’s business and also at the Ski Club in winter. Working double shift on different job, I started to earn good money and travel around the world. It’s been four years doing that and I was really happy about it, because I travelled a lot, meet lots of great people and earned huge experience as ski coach!!

I started so train more on the mountains.

I did some trail-running races and an Ultra-Trail marathon with my brother, just for fun. Then I started to try higher mountains.

I’ve been on the highest mountain in Andorra, Catalunya, the Pyrenees, France, North America, Europe and Africa. As you can imagine the more you do the more you want, so I am now focusing on extreme high altitude mountaineering.

I left my job in the family business, and started to work only on seasonal jobs and that’s what I’ve been doing since lasts years. I have been doing 2/3 jobs during the winter season, saving just about enough money to climb when I can. I’ve been working on various sectors such as ski coaching, offices, in a Tourism Office, in a kitchen as cleaner, in a restaurant as waiter, etc.  I’m not really a girl who would complain about working or about the job. I just think work is work and as long as you are happy, you are already in a good place.

I also have to say that being around on all these places and mountains has helped me to develop myself.

I started as well reaching more people on social media, and I started to improve and grow.

I’m so blessed to have some brands and companies who have believed in me since day one. I would like to thank them all for their help and support (their names are all on the “partners” page).

I hope, I have replied to all of your questions about the red lips girl.

I believe in having dreams and following them. I have always worked hard in order to make them real, and I’ll continue to do so!!!

Stefi Troguet


You've probably seen my profile on Instagram (@etroguet), or one of the social media channels, but you probably don't know much about me...